246 N. High Street / 35 E. Chestnut Renovation

246 N. High Street / 35 E. Chestnut Renovation

Columbus, OH

State of Ohio Administrative Services
Construction Manager
Hopewell Constructors
Maddox NBD and Acock Associates
Completion Date
Construction Cost
$46 million

The State of Ohio purchased an office building complex at the corner of High Street and Chestnut Street in downtown Columbus to house various state agencies. The original building on the site, immediately adjacent to Chestnut and High, was constructed in the early part of the 20 th century. In the late 1940s, a 10-story addition was constructed on High Street, south of the original building. The building at 35 East Chestnut was constructed east of the original building and across Pearl Alley during the 1960s.

The State of Ohio has undertaken a major renovation of the complex in order to modernize mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems with the goal of extending the useful life by 40 years. We prepared structural analysis calculations to verify the live load capacity of floors and roofs and determine the impact of cutting new openings in them. During the construction phase, some severely deteriorated structural elements were uncovered, and we quickly prepared designs to repair the damage so as not to impact the construction schedule significantly.

A thorough investigation of the building façade also was an essential component of the revitalization process. After examining the exterior surfaces and noting unusual cracking and displacement, we determined that removal of selected portions of the brick and stone façade was necessary in order to examine the supporting steel shelf angles and ties. We prepared a plan for examination and supervised removal of selected façade panels so we could closely examine the steel. We subsequently designed repairs involving removal and replacement of corroded shelf angles and anchors.