Bowling Green State University - Falcon Heights and Centennial Hall

Bowling Green State University - Falcon Heights and Centennial Hall

Bowling Green, OH

Bowling Green State University / Capstone Development Corporation
Construction Manager
The Lathrop Company
Completion Date
August, 2011
Construction Cost
$33.15 million

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) was established in 1910 and currently has an enrollment of more than 21,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Approximately 7,000 students reside on-campus in residence halls and university-owned houses. In order to keep up with demand for student housing, Capstone Development embarked on the process of constructing two privatized housing complexes on campus. The new community provides housing for 1,318 students in a mixture of private and shared bedrooms. The development consists of two buildings, each with multiple wings of varying heights and orientation. Large community spaces are placed at the “hub” - providing larger lounges and study spaces, a game area, community kitchen, laundry, and multi-purpose rooms for group study. The structure is a combination of light gauge bearing walls, light gauge joists and structural steel.

Structural steel was included primarily to provide flexibility in the first floor layout. Large public spaces provided at the central first floor areas were located beneath light gauge bearing walls above and, to make this floor plan work, steel beams were needed to support the bearing walls above and transfer these loads to columns.

To meet the needs of BGSU, the entire project was designed and constructed in 20 months. The accelerated schedule required collaboration and communication among the entire design and construction team. It also required multiple, early bid packages. This new community – named Falcon Heights and Centennial Hall opened in August 2011.