Columbus Museum of Art Expansion

Columbus Museum of Art Expansion

Columbus, OH

Columbus Museum of Art
Construction Manager
Corna Kokosing Construction Co.
Completion Date
Construction Cost
$30 million
Project Size
94,000 Square Feet

The addition of the new Margaret M. Walter Wing and the renovation of the existing building gave the Columbus Museum of Art a significant amount of new gallery, administrative, and retail space. The large open gallery spaces in the new wing were enabled using one-way post-tensioned concrete slabs and beams on the ground floor and long-span steel joists on the upper floor. The spacious special events roof was created by removing and transferring existing steel columns using a combination of repurposed steel trusses and deep, hot-rolled steel shapes.

The new areas interfaced with the existing structure in an irregular and novel manner. These locations required an unusually high level of creativity and coordination to achieve the overall design goals. In addition, the high anticipated live load dictated that a very robust structure be used in the gallery areas. Because of these factors, multiple types of structural systems were integrated into the overall design to accommodate the different conditions.

The CM was involved in the design from the beginning, and a highly intense coordination process was needed due to physical space restrictions.