Salvation Army Worthington Woods Chapel

Salvation Army Worthington Woods Chapel

Worthington, OH

Salvation Army of Greater Columbus
Construction Manager
Miles McClellan
Robert S. Davis (now Davis Wince Ltd.)
Completion Date
Construction Cost
$1.9 million

The Salvation Army of Greater Columbus provides spiritual and social support to the community with a total of five area centers for worship and service. The new 23,000-square-foot facility in Worthington, Ohio contains a chapel, gymnasium, multi-purpose room and offices. It also houses a food pantry for local distribution. The chapel features glued-laminated timber trusses and wood decking, creating a warm and inviting space. The facility also features glulam trusses at the entrance, which protrude to the outside walkway.

The team encountered a number of challenges on this project such as the need for deep foundations in response to a deep sewer pipe through the site and poor soil conditions. SMBH used deep foundations to allow the pipe to stay and to limit the settlement in the masonry bearing walls.

Another challenge was the number of different roof levels and moving lateral loads through them. SMBH also was required to develop an innovative system to brace the high south masonry wall of the chapel. Perpendicular glulam trusses were utilized to connect the wall back to the gravity trusses. Steel saddles connect these perpendicular trusses to a masonry bond beam on the high wall.