Toyotetsu America

Toyotetsu America

Somerset, KY

Bristol Group
Construction Manager
Bristol Group
Completion Date
November 2016
Construction Cost
$13 million
Project Size
126,880 Square Feet

Founded in 1995 and based in Somerset, Kentucky, Toyotetsu America, Inc. (TTAI) manufacturers and sells motor vehicle parts, accessories and stampings and is a large producer for Toyota, Nissan and Subaru. In order to comply with federal fuel economy standards, TTAI embarked on an expansion project of their facilities to allow for new processes to achieve these standards.

The 126,880-square foot single-story addition has 80-foot by 32-foot 9-inch bays that support two new 20-ton cranes. The roof system for the new addition consists of joists and joist girders. To support the large crane, additional columns and beams were included in the design. Two double columns were placed two feet apart, one column for the crane beams at 24-feet high and a taller column to support the roof. The project also included adding new roof top units, cooling towers and industrial catwalks in the existing building. We designed the roof joist to take the extra load from the roof top units.

One unique aspect of the project included adding equipment trenches in the existing building for new equipment. The trench foundation supported 88 tons of equipment weight while maintaining a 1/8-inch construction tolerance. To meet the specified tolerance, our team worked with the design/build contractor, using the equipment manufacturer cut sheets to precisely locate the equipment and design its foundation. The mat foundation was designed to support both gravity loads as well as additional dynamic loads of the equipment.

This project involved constructing a new addition alongside an existing building and it was critical that TTAI’s daily operations were not interrupted. Communication and coordination with the project teams were vital to ensure construction continued with minimum disruption to the ongoing manufacturing process.