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Firm Overview

SMBH, Inc has been committed to providing intelligent, sustainable structural engineering solutions for architects, contractors, and building owners since our inception in 1972. Deeply rooted in a culture of collaboration and trust, we are known for taking on challenging projects with an approach that focuses on innovation and responsiveness. Our collective experience and excitement to better the built environment make SMBH a valuable member of your team.

We dedicate ourselves to producing quality structural design and documentation, code analysis, and design/build solutions. We understand that balancing design, functionality, and cost, paired with effective communication, is critical to successfully coordinating every project. SMBH listens to you, working closely with you to ensure the structural design complements your vision.

Why Our Clients Choose Us: Responsiveness is Our Brand Promise

We listen to you. We're responsible and reliable. Simply put, we're here for you.

All members of the SMBH team are responsive to the needs of everyone on the project's team - you, our company, contractors, and vendors. We seek a resolution in a matter that is timely and productive for all parties involved. We do what we say we will do within the time we said we would do it.

Our communications contain clear expectations of outcomes and deliverables, impact on the project, financial issues or scope changes, deadlines and accountabilities, and follow-up to ensure that the task is complete.

Meet the Team

Our Owners

Stephen Metz

Jon Beier

Lisa Connelly

Joe Noser

Our Team of Professionals

Alex Chlosta

Anna Milligan

Bob Baumann

Brent McCreedy

Caitlyn Olson

Charles Goettler

Chris Cormany

Chris Potter

Christine Childs

Cody Archer

Dave Hawkins

Dawn Groves

Dillon Strahler

Dominic Mirizzi

Ebiji Akah

Eric Althoff

Evan Schroeder

Greg Barsch

Jake Hammons

Jeremy Lewis

Jerry Marselle

John Smolarski

Kami Wiesner

Kara Hendren

Kevin Lang

Lisa Ricci

Marcia Unger

Meghan Ralston

Melanie Hise

Michelle Constantine

Mike Sugrue

Morgan Kruse

Nathan Miller

Parth Patel

Phil Mesker

Ryan Harmon

Sarah Freiheit

Scott DeGan

Steven Morra

Zach Coldebella

Location United States. Red pin on the map.

Our team includes engineers registered in all 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C.

We currently have 23 certified Professional Engineers, six graduate engineers, nine modelers, and five business development professionals on staff. SMBH has worked on projects in all 50 states and internationally.

SMBH History

Since our inception in 1972, SMBH, Inc. has provided high-quality structural engineering services to architects, contractors, and owners. We design a wide variety of building types using an equally varying range of materials. We’ve done work in almost every sector: civic, commercial, education, healthcare, industrial, mixed-use, recreational, retail, and more. If it’s a structure, we can design it!

Our firm was originally named Lantz and Jones, then Lantz, Jones, Nebraska, Inc., then Shelley Metz Baumann Hawk, and was shortened to SMBH in 2013 - each name reflecting changes in the firm’s ownership.

We’ve had offices in Ohio, West Virginia, and Florida, but now serve our clients nationwide from our office in Columbus, Ohio. We’ve been at our current location since 2000, where we doubled our space by adding a neighboring unit in 2008 to accommodate the ever-growing rate of our team, which continues to this day.

We believe our firm’s culture and success are rooted in our core values, which emphasize relationships both inside and outside of the firm: Connections, People, Integrity, Development, and Legacy.

SMBH has a long history of building relationships and collaborating with clients on interesting and challenging projects. Stemming from our Core Values, we have fostered a culture of innovation and responsiveness, and our experience and excitement to tackle new, challenging projects are our hallmarks.

An infographic detailing the names our firm has had and the years they were each active. 1972 - Lantz & Jones Inc. 1975, Lantz Jones Nebraska, Inc. 2005 Shelley Metz Baumann Hawk, Inc. 2013 SMBH, Inc.

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