Here We Grow!

It's been a year of growth at SMBH. We've added more team members and several of our other teammates have been promoted. It's an exciting time, and we would love to tell you what's happened!

New Team Members

Cody Archer

Project Engineer

Cody has his Bachelor of Science from Ohio State and six years of experience in buildings. Cody enjoys sports (tennis and football), painting, board/card games, Legos, and running.

Lisa Ricci

Project Engineer

Lisa has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Dayton. Lisa is recently married and she and her husband Chris relocated back home to Ohio from DC. Lisa enjoys Sudoku puzzles in her spare time.

Charles Goettler

Project Engineer

Charlie has his Bachelor of Science from Ohio State. He relocated back home to Columbus from Florida. Charlie enjoys going to concerts and music festivals, camping, hiking, craft beer, and good bourbon.


Lisa Connelly

Chief Marketing Officer

Lisa started at SMBH in 2009 and leads the creation and execution of all our Marketing and Branding. She was promoted to Director of Marketing & Business Development in 2013, became a Partner in 2017, and earned her current title Partner + Chief Marketing Officer in 2021. Lisa is passionate about creating and building meaningful, lasting relationships within SMBH, with clients, and within her community through her constant desire to put people first and generate positive change.

Greg Barsch 1x1

Greg Barsch


Greg began at SMBH as a Senior Project Engineer in November of 2013 with almost 20 years of experience in structural engineering. Since then, he earned the title of Project Manager in 2016, Senior Project Manager, and is currently a Director. With a highly varied portfolio, Greg is known for creating complex and creative engineering designs that are not only practical and economical but also dramatic and exciting. Additionally, Greg leads the SMBH Outreach Committee, which is responsible for our community service and volunteering efforts.

Mike Sugrue 1x1

Mike Sugrue

Project Executive

With more than 30 years of experience as an engineer, Mike has extensive experience in tilt-up concrete construction and conventional building structures for use as industrial facilities, cold storage, distribution centers, warehouses, offices, retail, and more. He is a recognized leader in the industry, is a past president of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association, and is a member of the Design-Build Institute of America. As Project Executive, Mike works with new, existing, and past clients to uncover and explore new opportunities while creating a framework for successful projects.

Brent McCreedy 1x1

Brent McCreedy

Project Manager

A veteran of the US Marine Corps, Brent joined the SMBH team in 2016 with experience in surveying and investigations from a previous firm. Since then, he’s gained experience working on a wide variety of projects in each of SMBH’s divisions on a host of building types. His hard work earned him a promotion to Project Engineer in 2020 and Project Manager in 2021. This experience includes large, complex projects requiring practical and economical design solutions. Brent’s versatility and commitment to quality have proven to be invaluable assets on every project he works on.

Nathan Miller 1x1

Nathan Miller

Project Manager

Nathan started at SMBH as a Design Engineer in 2013 and has worked his way through the Project Engineer role before being promoted to Project Manager in 2021. During his time with SMBH, he has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from commercial renovation to industrial design to private property investigations and a bit of everything in between. Nathan has gained experience in numerous building materials including steel, concrete, masonry, cold-formed metal framing and rough carpentry. His strong educational background and varied project experience allows him to provide practical and economical design solutions.

Scott DeGan 1x1

Scott DeGan

Project Manager

Scott has been an SMBH team member since 2014. During his time with us, he has gained experience working with additions, investigations and observations, new builds, and renovations in many building types, including education, healthcare, hospitality & residential, manufacturing & industrial, and public. Scott started at SMBH as a Design Engineer, became a Project Engineer in 2018, and was promoted to Project Manager in 2021. Scott has earned a reputation of being reliable, insightful, and thorough - making him a proven asset to the SMBH team.

Kevin Lang 1x1

Kevin Lang

Project Manager

Initially starting at SMBH as a Project Engineer in 2018, Kevin quickly worked his way up to Project Manager in 2021. His background and expertise in foundations, steel, cold-formed metal framing, tilt walls, and slabs-on-ground is put to good use on a variety of projects. Comfortable with new builds, additions, investigations and observations, feasibility studies, and renovations in multiple sectors, including commercial & retail and manufacturing & industrial, Kevin is a strong and reliable member of our team.

Jeremy Lewis 1x1

Jeremy Lewis

Project Manager

Since starting at SMBH as a Design Engineer in 2013, Jeremy has been involved in many projects ranging from large new builds to private property investigations. Over his tenure with us, Jeremy has earned the title of Project Engineer and was promoted to Project Manager in 2021. His extensive experience with higher education and secondary schools makes him a pivotal member of many of our projects in those sectors. He is also one of our Retail Brand Managers for several large-scale, national retail brands such as L Brands and Victoria’s Secret. Jeremy is known for his expertise, trustworthiness, and creative problem solving, making him a valuable and critical part of our team.

John Smolarski 1x1

John Smolarski

Project Manager

After starting at SMBH in 2019 as a Project Engineer, John quickly progressed to Project Manager. He came to us with expertise in investigations, foundations, and multi-level wood framed or steel structures for a variety of industries. Since joining SMBH, John has gained additional experience including large, complex projects requiring practical and economical design solutions. He has been involved in the design of various building types using a variety of different materials including structural steel, reinforced concrete, and timber.

Ann Strosnider 1x1

Ann Strosnider

Senior BIM Specialist + BIM Training Administrator

Ann became an SMBH team member in 2017 with over 20 years’ experience in the A/E/C industry and 15 years of experience in BIM. Once she was promoted to Senior BIM Specialist in 2020, she began assuming responsibility for training and supporting new modelers, engineers, and interns. Ann works with our Director of Technology and BIM Lead to develop and execute training plans for all new hires, mentor CAD Specialists into BIM Specialists, and provide continued support for BIM Specialists to expand their skillsets. She serves as quality control and assurance and performs project reviews. Ann is a founding member and has been Committee Chair of the Central Ohio BIM Users Group (COBUG) - a peer-led, knowledge sharing, skill growth, and networking group - since its inception in 2018.