Mother Angeline McCrory Manor

Columbus, Ohio

THW Design

Construction Cost:
$11 million

Project Size:
 140,000 SF

With the baby boom generation aging, a tremendous need for skilled nursing facilities that provide a safe and inviting environment has been needed. Owned by the Carmelite Sisters of the Aged and Infirm in cooperation with the Diocese of Columbus, the facility was designed to inspire a home-like feeling. The structure is a four-story precast floor system bearing on masonry walls. Walkways connect a steel-framed chapel and a wood-framed residence to house the Carmelite Sisters. The Manor was built on caisson foundations and utilized high-strength masonry units. As the project engineer, SMBH faced several challenges, including a steep roof slope for the chapel and an exposed structure city scene gathering space.

Another challenge included incorporating open community spaces on the first floor with masonry-bearing walls on the above floors. Understanding that early coordination is critical for projects with heavy structures like this one, SMBH held several planning meetings with other design and construction team members to ensure the design was as efficient as possible.