SMBH Does That!

We do structural engineering for various building types; civic, commercial, higher education, pre- K-12 education, healthcare, hospitality, residential, manufacturing, industrial, mixed-use, recreational, religious, retail, and more. Basically, if it's a building, we'll structurally engineer it!

We love the range of building types we work on because it lets us explore many different kinds of structural engineering, not to mention making every day a little different from the last. The only downside of having such a diverse project base is that sometimes we're not known for designing all the types of buildings we do. We try to share as many of our projects as we can on social media, but there are many that haven't been showcased. So, we went back through our archives to show you projects you may not have known are ours.

Higher Education? Heck yeah, SMBH Does That.

We've worked on well over 100 projects on The Ohio State University's main campus alone. Pictured here are the newly renovated Pomerene + Oxley Halls. This was a 122,265 SF historical renovation of two buildings from the early 1900s. The dramatic interior and exterior renovations provided space for faculty and staff offices, conference and meeting rooms, classrooms, computer labs, data storage, and support areas.

We also do small projects, even for a client as big as The Ohio State University. The Caldwell Lab HVAC Renovation is a great example. We designed new duct openings in the floors, support for the new HVAC units, piping penetrations, and support for the new rated corridor ceilings - all critical measures, but much less flashy than the picture of Pomerene + Oxley Halls.

Big or small, when it comes to buildings we do it all. Let's start strategizing your next project today!

An aerial image of Pomerene and Oxley Halls on Neil Ave at The Ohio State University.