Welcome to Nathan Sparks and Alex Chlosta!

Welcome Nathan Sparks and Alex Chlosta

We'd like to welcome our two new employees, Project Engineer Nathan Sparks and Design Engineer Alex Chlosta.

Nathan comes to us with 5 years of experience at other firms. As a new transplant from Fort Lauderdale but an alumnus of The Ohio State University, Nathan is settling back into the capital city and is experiencing it as a young professional instead of a college student.

Alex Chlosta is a recent graduate of Ohio University with his Bachelors and Masters in Engineering. After starting on January 1st, Alex is fitting in well and he's already scheduled to speak with the Ohio University chapter of Structural Engineers Association of Ohio with our Principal and fellow OU alumnus Jon Beier.

We're excited to have of them both on the SMBH team and are looking forward to the great work we know they're capable of!